Fall Flight Taxidermy
“For as long as I can remember, I have been infatuated with wildlife.” -Brice

That statement describes Brice Wangler to a tee. Throughout his childhood Brice displayed such a
strong interest in animals, that it was obvious that he was destined to grow into a career that involved

As he grew, Brice’s love for animals developed into a love for all things outdoors. Hunting and fishing
became more than just interests. As many of us know, true passions become part of our existence.
They overtake our lifestyles and dictate how we make decisions for our lives. It was through this
passion for the outdoors that Brice discovered the art of taxidermy. Although it began as a part time
job during high school, it has gradually developed into a full-blown career.

Brice studied under a very talented taxidermist for the first few years before going out on his own.
Since then, he has received special training in gameheads from a world champion taxidermist,
allowing him to produce anatomically accurate and appealing shoulder mounts for your collection.

Despite his love for big game, Brice’s first and true passion lies with those that fly. Brice has competed
in numerous competitions with his birds and has received several first place ribbons and Best of
Category awards. As you will see, Brice’s bird mounts are top notch. He strives to offer more to his
clients than they have probably gotten in the past. True to life poses and representations of your trophy
fowl are standard procedure at Fall Flight Taxidermy

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