About Us
Located in Southern Illinois, Fall Flight
Taxidermy lies in the middle of some of the best
waterfowl and whitetail hunting anywhere.  You
can bet that Brice and his family take full
advantage of the abundant hunting
opportunities around them.

When the weather turns cooler and the leaves
begin to change, Brice spends every available
spare moment pursuing whitetails with his bow.  
And when gun season rolls around, his wife,
Michele spends some time in the woods as well.

As the rut winds down and the Mississippi
Flyway brings hundreds of thousands of ducks
and geese, interests switch to waterfowl
hunting.  It’s an exciting change of pace from
the long hours spent on stand keeping silent
and still.

With the waterfowl finally making their way
north, the Wanglers turn their attention to the
next available excuse to be outside; that means
turkey season!!

All these opportunities give Brice the chance to
observe the habits and subtle characteristics of
the wildlife in his area.  This arms him with the
knowledge he needs to recreate those little
things that can make a mount truly great.

By combining this knowledge with his artistic
talents, along with the most modern materials
and methods available, Brice can create a truly
unique piece that will bring you years of

Brice is an accomplished and experienced
taxidermist, and has earned a number of
awards, including….

- Many 1st place and Best of Category awards
in both Professional and Masters Division at
State, National and World levels of competition
- ITA Award of Excellence in Waterfowl
- ITA Award of Excellence in Turkeys
- ITA Award of Excellence in Non-Gamebirds
- WASCO Award for Most Artistic Entry at the
2010 National Taxidermist Association
- 2011 Illinois State Champion Waterfowl
- 2011 Illinois State Champion Combined Artists
- 2012 Illinois State Champion Waterfowl
- 2013 Illinois State Champion Waterfowl
- 2013 Illinois State Taxidermists Association's
Best of Show winner
- 2015 Illinois State Champion Upland Bird