Pricing Info

Whitetails/Mule Deer:  $700
Pronghorn:  $7
Elk:  $1,
(Raghorn Elk can be done for less,
depending on size.)

Wall Pedestals, Floor Pedestals, Open
Mouth work and any habitat subject to
additional charges.  Call for quote.

Skin whole deer:  $25
Long incision:  $50
Antler Repair:  $15/inch for single tines
($60 min)
Complex repairs quoted per situation.

Puddler/Diver: $320
Eiders: $370
Geese under 8lbs: $375
Geese 8-10lbs: $450
Geese over 10lbs: $525

All bird mounts include a
hardwood panel and driftwood or
simple habitat.

Tabletop pedestals add $50-$75

Pheasant: $320
Quail: $200
Turkey: $800
Turkey Breast Mount Pedestal: $400

Pheasants and quail include
hardwood panel and driftwood.
Turkey price is for any pose, and
includes a small habitat base or a
limb for the wall.
Layered Tail: $50

Bass:  $400 any size under 24"
Bluegill: $300
Crappie: $350
Cold Water fish - price on request

Prices include driftwood
Antler Mounts

On a laser engraved
hardwood panel.

Deer  $175
Pronghorn  $225
Elk  $325
European Mounts

Deer: $60 (clean only)
$120 (clean/whiten w/hanger)
$170 (whitened on flat panel)

Other species priced by


Deer: $200 (dipped w/ hanger)
$250  (dipped on flat panel)
Turkey Tail Fans

Tail, Beard and Spurs on a
laser engraved hardwood
Small Mammals

Coyote: $750
Grey Fox: $675
Red Fox: $775
Bobcat: $700
Raccoon: $550
Possum: $550
Mink: $400
Otter: $550
Beaver: $575 (under 40lbs, Call for quote
over 40)

Prices include a base and simple habitat.
Terms of Service

A 50% deposit is required before any work
begins on a piece.
Mounts left unclaimed more than 30 days
past a notification of completion become
property of Fall Flight Taxidermy and will be
disposed of at our discretion or subject to
storage fees.