Keep all animals COLD/FROZEN,  and DRY,
until you can get it to the shop.  Moisture
and heat are needed for bacteria to grow
and cause the hair or plumage to slip.

For Gameheads:
-Do not cut the throat, or cut the animal up
past the elbow when field dressing.  The
skin should be removed as soon as
possible and delivered to the taxidermist,
or frozen for later delivery.
-If you choose to hang your deer for a
couple days, temperatures MUST be below
40 degrees.

For Birds:
-Take great care not to damage any
feathers.  The tails on Turkeys and
Pheasants are prone to damage easily.
-Wrap the HEAD and LEGS in wet paper
towels.  Tuck the head under a wing, or lay
it over the back.  Place the bird in a plastic
bag, paying close attention to the feathers
when you do.  Deliver the bird to the
taxidermist, or freeze immediately.

For Fish:
-Wrap the fish in a WET towel.  Place in a
plastic bag and freeze immediately.